Crazy Chicken - Quartet Card Game
Who has the most beautiful, hardest-working or happiest chicken of all Farms? Play with the life data about chickens and discover the 44 different chicken breeds and their habitats on a modern chicken farm. 
Card Game for 2 – 4 players/ 20 Minutes.
This Card Game was developed in 2017 during my studies at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with several people. 
My Role in this project 
I was responsible for several things:
• Cropping the 44 chicken photos in Photoshop
• Developing icons for the iconography
• Transferring the Quartet rules to our new game idea and coming up with extra game rules
• Playtesting
• Preparing the print data for pre-press
• Editorial design of the instruction booklet with InDesign
To make quartet games more interesting, our team decided to add event cards to increase interaction.
Card Game version 2.0
Project Background
Design project focused on animal husbandry, specifically farm animals, especially chickens. 
Started in winter term 2016/2017 
Collaborating with IRI THESys / Humboldt University Berlin and University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Design: Natalie Schreiber, Jens Ove Drößiger, Flavio Gortana, Antonia Fuchs - FH Potsdam 
Data search:
Saskia Meyer - Psychologie - HU Berlin 
Philipp Paeslack - Integrated Natural Resource Management - HU Berlin

Supervised professor:
Prof. Myriel Milicevic
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